Jane Fonda’s Smoothie

Like a small fussy child, there is absolutely NO WAY I would eat this bowlful of fruit if it was put in front of me.  

But mushed up into a smoothie I can handle it.  Why is this?  I have no idea.  Maybe because it feels a bit like having a milkshake for breakfast?

I followed the steps Jane lays out in her video below for making a smoothie.  I reckon I’ve watched this about 75 times now, so I can safely say I know EXACTLY how Jane feels about breakfast.  She loves it.

I don’t know what protein powder does to a smoothie, but it always makes me think of body builders…

Image result for female body builder

Oh crikey.  That makes me feel really weird.  I am pretty sure this is a real photo even though the face doesn’t seem to fit with the body…

But anyhow, perhaps it is there to keep you full until lunchtime?  If so, it worked!  I wasn’t hungry for HOURS.

…and I am sure that Greg of Recipes4Rebels will like the look of Jane’s smoothie over her brother Peter’s…

In Jane’s smoothie – for 2 people – apple juice (or water) enough to cover the blades of your blender, a banana, 2 tablespoons protein powder, 2 tablespoons zero fat yoghurt, four frozen peach slices, big handful of blueberries and some agave syrup to taste (in the video it looks as though Jane uses about a tablespoon but hard to say).   “It’s not exactly a science” says Jane, quite so!  I used lots of fruit left over from Jane’s Very Berry Waffles and some frozen raspberries and mango chunks in mine.  But it’s the protein powder that for me makes this a JANE FONDA SMOOTHIE I reckon…

Thanks Jane, I’ve never used protein powder in a smoothie, but now I have lots of it, I will!



2 Responses to Jane Fonda’s Smoothie

  1. Greg 30 Sep, 2017 at 1:52 pm #

    Love the “star-spangled ” glass, and YES, you certainly could temp me with this one ( over Peter’s glass of swamp muck)! Good use of protein powder…I’ve got a cupboard full, due to Alex falling for my cousin’s sales pitch a couple of years ago (I really don’t think a few month’s past the expiration date is anything to be bothered about)… SMOOTHIES it is then! I’m gonna use “full-fat” Greek yogurt and dig that blender out from the back of the appliance cupboard…

  2. Jenny 2 Oct, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    Ha ha – GO FOR IT WITH THE PROTEIN POWDER!!! And I shall now think of the Easy Rider Smoothie as “swamp muck” – ha ha!

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