Recipe of the Month – July 2019 – Tessie O’Shea’s Diet Scotch Eggs

These Scotch Eggs are utterly delicious!  So easy to make too.  Ideal picnic fodder!

Tessie O’Shea’s Diet Scotch Eggs (for advanced dieters)

1 lb / 450g sausage meat

6 hard-boiled eggs

6 dessertspoons grated cheese

1 tablespoon chopped chives or spring onions, finely chopped

1 tablespoon butter or margarine

1 dessertspoon mayonnaise

1 cup of vegetable oil

1 dessertspoon butter or margarine to add to oil

sprinkle of garlic powder (optional)

Shell the eggs, and cut them in half.  Put all the egg yolks in a basin, and add the butter, cheese, chopped chives or onion, and mayonnaise.  Blend well together into a paste-like mixture. 

Return this mixture to the whites of the eggs and press halves together to look whole again.


Divide sausage meat into six pieces and flatten each piece enough to cover an egg. 

When all are covered, put the oil and butter in frying pan and melt.  Put the sausage-eggs into it, and keep turning until all sides of the egg are nice and crisply brown.

Place on absorbent paper to drain excess fat.  You can roll them in the paper.

Note 1: Serve hot with a little French mustard or let them get cold and serve with salad.

Note 2: You can also put a teaspoon of curry powder with a squeeze of lemon juice in the yolks.  Try anything your taste buds feel like!  There are very few carbohydrates in these eggs!

NB – Tessie’s diet is a low-carb diet, hence she loves EGGS! I like mine with HP Sauce…

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